Hey guys!
Just letting you know Im building Toddy Walter's Official Fanpage if you wanna come check it out:
Its not much to look at YET because Im still building it. But if you wanna hang out and see what's developing plz do! Im also looking for more piccys so any you have would help tons!
Also there is an official message board:
That so far has no posts :(
Anywho I hope to see you around there!
Incase your wondering what this has to do with South Park and have no idea who Toddy is... Toddy has written two songs for SP and sang them. One was the song at the Drunken Barn Dance... everytime Liane saw a guy she wanted to get with. She's also done some voices like Kelly in "Rainforest Schmainforest", Robert Redford's Assissant in "Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls" and the picture taker elf lady in "Merry Christmas Charlie Mason" and she did Winona Ryder in the SP Movie... to name a few :) Anywho Im sure most of you know who she is, so Im just rambling!
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