If your a fan of the boys and their girlfriends, then you will enjoy this.

inside,kyle's house,night

stan:this is great our parents aren't here.

kenny:where were they going?

stan:all of our parents are doing that 4 corner date thing.

cartman:what the hell does that mean,anyway?

stan:It where you and your wife/girlfriend go on a date with each other and 3 other friends with thier wife/girlfriends.


kyle:hey,should we do that?

stan:do what?

kyle:go on a 4 corner date.


kyle: tommarow. kenny, you call kelly. stan, call wendy, cartman can call Tina, and Ill get Rebecca.

stan: you still go with her?

kyle:yeah, dude, I like Rebecca.

cartman: he he. You suck, Kyle.

kyle:shut up cartman!

next night, in front of kyle's house.

kyle is there with rebecca, stan is with wendy(of course), kenny is with kelly, cartman is with tina(a girl from another fan fiction by Cartman's Girl.)

rebecca:I..I...ve never done this before.

stan:niether have we.

Tina: hey, it might be fun!

wendy: well, where are we going?

stan: were going to that place "French a la la la te`tat."


stan: I said "French a la la la te`tat."


stan: Im not saying it again.

later at "French a la la la te`tat."

they are all sitting at one large, round table.

cartman: Pretty shitty place.

tina: no it is not cartman.

a waiter comes over, he is a kid dressed in a black tux.

waiter: bonjouer, a la comosta. Welcome to French a la la la te`tat."


waiter: what will our fine bastards have tonight?

stan: what did you just call us?!

waiter: uhhh, bastard is french for friend.

kyle: ohh, okay.

waiter: "snicker snicker"

kenny: what are you laughing at?

waiter: uhh,nothing, now, what will we have?

tina: what should we have?

cartman: I have made up my mind, babe.

tina: what are you getting?

cartman: waiter, Ill have one of everything.

waiter: oookaaaayyyy (very quietly)fat @#%$.

cartman: what did you say?

waiter: nothing,nothing. what will everyone else have.

kelly: what the hell is the lamb special?

waiter: we take a lamb, chop of the head, and use the blood as a sauce and we serve the body cooked.

all: ewww, gross!!!

waiter: it is actually really good.

kyle:rebecca, do you just want the laa laa sandwich?

rebecca: ye...yess. tha..that sounds great.

stan: i think we will all take that.

all(except cartman): yeah.

waiter: very well then. and what will we have to drink?

all: coke.

waiter: very good. I will go get everything going. Mercie, my bastards. (as he walks away)idiots.

cartman: he he. hey kyle, your my bastard.

kyle: shut up cartman!

cartman: hey, I meant friend.

kyle: no you didnt!

tina slaps cartman.

tina: apologize to kyle right now!

cartman: sorry kyle. he he.

tina slaps cartman again.

cartman: ay, what the hell did I do?!

tina: you laughed after you apologized.

stan: come on guys.

wendy: yeah, we came here to have a good time.

later they are eating food. the table is full with plates,most of them cartman's.

cartman:this is good.

kyle: why the hell did you get so much?

cartman: im hungry.

kenny: your always hungry.

kelly: kenny, dont be a @#%$.

kenny: sorry, sorry.

rebecca: hey, loo..look at the stage over there.

there is a stage in the back of the restraunt.

a guy walks onto it.

guy: bonjour, and welcome to our fine restraunt. tonight, we wish to give you all a wonderfull show. we know that most of you will like this. so let me get off the stage and the show will begin.

the guy leaves the stage.

cartman: kick ass, a show!

stan: i wonder what it is.

kelly: maybe it some circus thing.

the curtain opens and there are four strippers on there. music starts and they dance and strip.

stan: what the hell???!!!!

kenny: WOO-HOO!!!

kelly slaps kenny in the head.

the four strippers (they are the same age as the boys) come up to the table.

stripper1: hey, you boys look good.

stripper2: how about we give you boys a lap dance?

kyle: a what?

a stripper walks up to kyle and sits in his lap and gives him a lap dance.

kyle(loving it):ugghhh...uhhhhh.....

the girls are pissed off, especially wendy and rebecca.

all girls: LETS GET THEM!!!!

the four girls beat the CRAP out of the strippers.

kyle: dammit!

stan: dude, lets get the hell out of here.

tina: yeah.

later, at kyle's house

kenny: well, i enjoyed that.

stan: i figured you would.

the boys all kiss thier girls goodnight,except for rebecca and kyle.

kyle: hey, why wont you kiss me?

rebecca: I want to go up to your room and show you i can give a good lap dance.

kyle: SWEET!!!!

they go inside his house and slam the door.

wendy: hmm.

cartman: this is one weird evening.

from kyle's room:OHHH YEAH!!!

wendy: ill do that to you, stan.

stan: lets go!!!

they head off to his house.

kelly: come on kenny, ill do that to.

kenny: YES!

they go off to his house.

tina: well, guess ill do it to.

cartman: SWEET.

they go off to his house.

nobody is left on the street. then, the waiter guy comes up.

waiter: and the boys got lap dances for the rest of the evening. goodnight.

he starts to walk away, then a car comes up and hits him.

music, end of show.

hope you liked the fan fic!