This is a future fic..yadda, yadda, yadda
If you dont know what the hell is going on, do the sensible thing and read part 1.


Shot of Castle Forrester

we are where we left off.

stan: what are you going to do to us???
pearl: I might send you up to space on the Satellite of Love with Mike Nelson, Tom Servo, and Crow.
kyle: what the hell is the satellite of love?
bobo: its a satellite!in space!
pearl: they know that, bobo, you idiot! go lay down!
bobo: but lawgiver......
pearl: now!!!

bobo whimpers and goes off the lie down.

pearl: anyway, youll see what im talking about right now! brainguy, send them up!

Brainguy uses his mind powers and sends them up to the Satellite of Love.

cartman: where the hell are we?
kenny: you got me, dude.
stan: look!someone is coming!

we look to the left of the screen and see...Mike Nelson and his two robot pals, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot.

Mike is a man in his thirties, wearing a blue jumpsuit. Crow is a gold robot with a bowling pin as his mouth. He has two thin legs so he can walk. Servo is a small, red robot who has a hover thing so he floats around. He doesnt have eyes like Crow (but he can still see!) The top of his head is part of a gumball machine. His arms are springs with little white hands at the end. This will make more sense if youve seen the show.

mike: hey, who are you four?
crow: are they your kids, mike?

servo and crow laugh.

mike: cut that out! anyway, who are you?
stan: im stan, and this is Kyle, Kenny, and Cartman.
kenny,kyle,cartman: hi.
servo:how did you get up here?
kyle: this woman named Pearl sent us here.
kenny: this guy called Brainguy used mind powers and made us pop up here.
mike: why?
cartman: how the hell should we know?

a little red button is flashing.

mike:looks like pearl is calling right now.

mike pushes the button and we see pearl.

pearl: ah, mike. i see youve met your four pals that will be witnessing the horrible movie with you today.
mike: why do they have to expierence the horror?
pearl: because i want them to!
stan: hey, mike, what is she talking about?
mike: every week she makes us watch a horrible movie.
kenny: that sucks, dude.
servo: but we make fun of the pieces of crap.
cartman: ohhhhh...
pearl: enough talk! your movie this week is that crappy animated film "Peter Pan"
cartman: ahh, weak! i hate disney movies!
pearl: thats the point! Brainguy, send the movie!!!
brainguy: right!

on the satellite, a red light flashes.

mike: We got Movie Sign!!!

the camera goes through a sequence of seven doors with numbers on them.the final door is a vault that leads to...the THEATER!!!!!

read part 3 soon!!!