This is a future fic, when the kids are in High school. And Mystery Science Theater is a show where a guy named Mike and two robots, Tom Servo and Crow, are on a satellite in space called the Satellite of Love. They are stuck in space on this satellite and are forced to watch crappy B movies. The person that makes them watch the movies is a woman named Pearl Forrester, a mad scientist. She has two menions; Brain guy and Bobo, a talking ape. If you have never seen Mystery Science Theater 3000, you NEED TO!
Now with the story.

music plays.
We see South Park High School
inside in the hall

stan: Dude, English class sucked!
cartman: Every class sucks.
kenny: cause your a dumbass.
cartman: shut up!
stan: Enough, guys.Hey, where is Kyle?
cartman: Right there.

Kyle is in a corner making out with Bebe.

Kenny:dude, get a room.
Kyle(stops kissing bebe): huh? Dammit, guys.
stan: Well, if i could find Wendy, we would do the same thing.
Cartman: here she comes with Pixie.

wendy and pixie approach.

pixie: hey, guys!
stan(to wendy): hey, babe.

stan and wendy start to make out too.

kenny: cant you wait and do that somewhere else?
bebe: im excited about that trip to Castle Forrester next week!
stan: why are we going there?
bebe: its for that science thing.
stan:oh yeah.


stan:this place is huge.
wendy: yeah.
kyle: hey, here comes some lady..

Pearl Forrester approaches

Pearl: hello, brats...I mean, young people! welcome to my castle. you can look inside, just dont go into the rooms that say DO NOT COME IN HERE. enjoy!

the science class goes inside.

wendy:stan, me and the other girls are going over there for a while.

the girls go to a different place.

kenny: hey, dudes, want to go into that restricted place?
kyle: sure!
cartman: sound coo.
stan: lets go!

they enter one of the restricted rooms. Pearl is in there with the Brain guy and Bobo.They are playing monopoly.

bobo: why do i have to be the dog?
pearl: just get a character!

the boys are hiding behind a table.

stan(whisper): did that monkey just talk?
kyle(whisper): yeah!
brain guy: when are we going to send over the movie to mike and the bots?
pearl: I dont know.

cartman sneezes.
stan: you fat piece of @#%$!
Pearl: what the hell?

the boys raise up their hands.

stan: dont kill us!!!!
bobo: their adorable!
pearl:shut up, bobo!!!
brain guy: i have an idea....
bobo: can we keep them, lawgiver? (thats what bobo calls pearl)
pearl: shut up!
brain guy: we should send them to the sattilite to watch the movie with mike and the bots.
pearl: that sounds good!
kyle:what the hell are you talking about?!
pearl: youll see!!! HA HAH HAH HAA HAAA!!!!!

read part 2 soon!