this is a future one.

music plays.

a plane is landing in tokyo.
stan,kyle,cartman,kenny,wendy,bebe,pixie,peaches,craig,token,jada,plus fred and lamont,get off the plane.

fred:i still remember this place.

stan:what are you talking about?

fred:i was in the 22 infantry...........

flashback to world war 2.

fred is on a beach,in a huge battle.

fred:we were storming normandy.......

wendy:wait a second...wasnt that in france?


flashback ends.

stan:we got to find that one building that belongs to that terrorist group that attacked us.

peaches:yeah,when i find them,ill whoop ALL their punk asses!

lamont:just calm do we really have to do this?



fred:well,where is that building?

kyle:right there.

he points to a building behind fred.


jada:lets go,dawgs.

they go inside.

kenny:hey,fred,you got those guns?

fred gets a suitcase.

fred:yep.right here.

he gives everyone a pistol and ammo. scared.

fred:scared?were all got to be crazy not to be scared.



lamont:be quiet.

kenny:hey,pixie,go distract that guard while we get in the elevator.


she walks across the hall to a guard and shows him her boobs.

fred:lets go!

they all go into the elevator.

lamont:i still think this is suicide.

fred:shut up,dummy.

the elevator opens and they are in a room full with terrorists.

morioto:what the hell?!

guy:get them!!!

terrorists run up and get all of them.


he stares at fred.


fred looks at morioto.


morioto:so,its you,my arch nemisis.

fred:and its you,MY arch nemisis.

stan:what the hell is going on?

morioto:fred and i were in the army in world war 2.we were both stationed in france during the war.i was a spy,pretending to be in the allied night,i was spying on a general,and fred caught me.i was put in prison.because of him.....FRED SANFORD!!!!!!


morioto:now,i can have my revenge.

at that minute,pixie flies up and takes care of all the guards.she unties everyone.

fred:your mine,morioto!

morioto:i think not,mr.sanfo....

fred shoots morioto in the head.

fred:shut up.

stan:lets get outta here!!!!!

they get outside.

fred:i planted a bomb in the building.

the building explodes.

fred:lets get back to hawaii.


in hawaii

fred:that was one hell of an adventure.

lamont:yeah,it was.

kenny:but soon,we have to go back to south park.

stan:that sucks.


fred:yes,but you know what they say.....if you go,go nicely,or.....



lamont:be quiet.