(this is a future fic,of course.)
music plays

the hotel resort,at the beach.the japanese planes are flying in.

lead pilot(on radio):everyone ready?


lead pilot:okay,fire at will!!!

the japanese planes bomb the @#%$ out of the beach.

the theatre.at the "texas chainsaw massacre".
everyone heard the bombs.

cartman:what in the hell was that?

kyle:i dont know,dude.

fred:sounded like a bomb or something.

lamont:dont be silly...PPPOOOOPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
a bomb hits the theatre.
everyone is buried under debris.
pixie manages to fly out.she uses her powers to clear the debris away.

pixie:is everyone okay?


lamont:you okay,pop?


kyle:look at the beach.
the beach is destroyed.bodies are everywhere.

cartman is thinking.

cartman:HOLY @#%$!PINKIE WAS OUT THERE!!!!



cartman:WHAT DO YOU MEAN SO???!!!!!


wendy:i have it,but who the hell cares about pinkie?

kenny:good god........

cartman:dont you care,pixie?

pixie:not really.

cartman:but shes your sister!!!



fred:instead of yelling at each other,lets go see if shes out there.

kenny:your right.

lamont:lets go!

they run on the beach,looking for pinkie and other survivors.peaches and craig are already out there.

peaches:where is my sister?

craig:im really worried.
pip is there too.

pip:i hope shes okay.


pinkie is lying near the water,blood all around her.

peaches:OH MY GOD!!!!PINKIE!!!!

pinkie:im ...cough.....okay....just help me up.

they help her up.

pip:are you all right?

pinkie:yes.just get me to a hospital.

later,at hospital.....

everyone is with pinkie.

peaches:can you remember what happened?

pinkie:yeah.i was on the beach,when these planes came flying over me.the dropped bombs everywhere.

cartman:but who were they?

pinkie:i saw a design on one of the planes.it was a ......japanese sun symbol.


fred:i should have known.the motherfucking japs.

kenny:why would they attack us?

lamont:im not sure.

stan:i heard that downtown they have some agent guy who knows who they are.

fred:lets go find out!

downtown police headquarters
in the private room.

cop:so you know who did this,huh?

japanese guy:uhhh,yeah,dumbass,or i wouldnt be here.

cop:well,who were they?

japanese guy:why the @#%$ should i tell you,man?

cop:because if you dont,we'll cut your balls off!!!

jap.guy:alright,alright,@#%$,ill tell you.do you know the muffin man...HA HA HA HAHHAAAA!!!!!


jap.guy:sorry,sorry,i just always wanted to do that.

cop:who was it?!!!!

jap.guy:it was...batman.HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

cop:im going to beat your ass,punk!

jap.guy:fine,@#%$ face.it was a japanese extremist group.

cop:hmmm.what is their name?

jap.guy:the easter bunnies or something.HAHAHAHAHA!

cop:WHAT IS THEIR NAME????!!!!

jap.guy:the moriotos.

cop:the moriotos?

jap.guy:thats what i said,bitch.

cop:their that group over in japan,that one place!hostitis chemicals!

jap.guy:you got it,@#%$!

the kids and fred and lamont were hearing everything outside.

stan:what do we do know?

fred:well,i dont know about you,but im going to japan for REVENGE!!!!!!

everyone(except lamont):yayyyyyy!!!


read part 4 soon!!!!!