music plays.

cut to cartman's house.

cartman:this mushroom monster movie is so coo.

unknown to Cartman,2 theifs are entering his house with out him knowing it.

thief 1:ill get the T.V.

theif 2:hey,what about that fat piece of shi*t?

theif 1:dont worry,man.ill do something.

the first theif sneeks into the livingroom where cartman is sitting.the thief has a small piece of wood in his hand.

theif 1:hee-yah!!!

the theif slugged cartman's head.

theif 2:come on,get that t.v.

the theifs leave with some belongings.


kyle:HAHAHA!!!you totally suck cartman!

cartman:ah swear kyle,ah am about to kick you in your damn balls!

stan:come on,guys.hey cartman,do you know who took your t.v.?

cartman:no.i....wait a second.....i saw the guy's face before i passed out.was bastard....

stan:what cartman?!!!!!(that BUM BUM BUMMMM sound is heard.)

stan:who in the hell is Jeb?

cartman(has that certain serious voice):yes,Jeb,it was worst...babysitter.....(flashback)......

you hear cartman's voice as you see a flashback of cartman as a very small kid

c.v:yes,jeb was always day he took away my artemis clyde frog doll,and put it on a pot at the stove and he boiled it.another time he gave me a diaper wedgie...luckly my mom found out and fired him.....but i knew he would return.......

flashback ends.we go back to the boys.

for a second all is silent,then....


cartman:you sons bitches,whats so funny???!!!

kyle:you..hahaha...are one stupid piece of fat sh*t,cartman!diaper wedgie....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

cartman:laugh now,kyle.but ill have my revenge on....JEB!!!!(bum bum bummm!!!!)

stan:wha...whatever dude!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

cartman:watch out Jeb,im kill you!!!!!(bum bum bummmmm!)