Why we Love Kyle. Why Kyle is Loved
More than like, LOVE! I was outraged when a person I met couldn't tell the difference between Stan and Kyle's characters!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, COME ON!
- You know that Kyle is different. you just KNOW! How can you mistake his much higher (yet sweeter) voice? His hat? You just KNOW.

- His odd personality. Notice that in Chimpokomon, he couldn't stay with the times. Yet in pinkeye, his costume was just like everyone else's! And how sweet he is to Ike, you just can't mistake that sort of love.

-His family. I'm sure you can tell the difference between theirs, can't you?!?!

-His expression. Notice that Kyle always has a sad, or worried expression. He wears this more than the others.

-His voice. Isn't it cute? I always use the name "Soprano Kyle" Wherever I go.

-Damnit, I can literally read Kyle's mind. I notice things about Kyle that hardly anyone notices!

-His REPUTATION! Alot of people picture Kyle as a little whore with alot of girlfriends. I flip them off. I have never met another true Kyle fan in person.

-The irony of it all. I can write this, although I could NEVER write one about Stan or Kenny. Perhaps Cartman, but it wouldn't be very accurate.

-His brilliance. Kyle has saved everyone's life, he has brought democracy to Cuba, he has notified everyone about La Resistance, he has found the CPU, he has......

-The motivation. Who else motivated me to write this?

-The fan fiction. I notice that in much fan fiction Kyle is ignored, or in a repeated plot, or it is a return of Rebecca or Bebe plot.

Kyle saved Mr. Hankey, Chef from the Succubus, his brother coutless times, helped save Canada, America, Kyle is destined to do great things. Let's salute shall we? *salutes* I LOVE YOU KYLE!

(please respond to this if you are a Kyle fan, I wanna know if you are out there)